• Umbria Jazz Perugia
  • Infiorate di Spello
  • Corsa dei Ceri Gubbio
  • Eurochocolate Perugia


"Calendimaggio" Assisi - 2-4 May: Spectacular re-enactment of the costumes e of medieval and renaissance life. Archers, crossbowmen and flag bearers of the two sides of the ancient city compete in spectacular performances. The Part of Above and the Part of Below are also competing with choirs, parades, theater performances and dances for get to the proclamation of Madonna Primavera. The whole city is surrounded by an atmosphere engaging, the streets are lit with torches and an atmosphere escapes from the taverns festive; everything brings back to the past. Check Availability

"Festa degli Statuti" - Fossato di Vico, 11-13 May Faithful to what is reported in the Medieval Statutes of Fossato, the city relives the scenes of the daily life of the Middle Ages with the vicar, the charcoal, the monks, the notaries; the ancient crafts are represented using the tools from work of the period; food, cooking and clothing are reproposed typical of the Middle Ages. Check Availability

"La Corsa dei Ceri" - Gubbio 15 May: Of centuries-old tradition, it is held on the eve of the death of the patron saint, Ubaldo. The three candles, surmounted by the statues of Sant'Ubaldo, Sant'Antonio and San Giorgio, are three gigantic wooden machines weighing around 400 kg carried by the devoted ceraioli from the Piazza Grande to get to the Basilica of Sant'Ubaldo on Mount Ingino. Spectacular is the rise of the candles, at the beginning of the competition, but exciting is the spasmodic race of the talented ceraioli with the dangerously staggering candles that hardly fall.. Check Availability

"Palio della Balestra" - Gubbio, 27 May: The two renowned companies of crossbowmen, that eugubina and that of San Sepolcro, compete in a shooting competition a sign with the medieval crossbow from station. This is a race of which they are found traces in a document of 1410. Crossbowmen wear the ancient historical costume; the consul, the constable and the authorities attend the race. The challenge is followed by an exciting show of flag-wavers and a historical procession that winds through the streets of the city illuminated with torches. Check Availability

"Infiorata" - Spello, 3 June: The wonderful floral arrangements with figurations and ornamental liturgical motifs with dazzling colors and refined nuances, carpet the streets of the pretty town of Spello. The preparation requires a great one artistic expertise and weeks of work, but only at the last moment, overnight, fresh petals and fragrant herbs are arranged to give a show of great suggestion. Check Availability

"Giostra della Quintana" - Foligno, 15/16 June: The spectacular party is inspired by a horse race dating back to the seventeenth century. Knights challenge each other to determine the order of priority in fidelity to the prince or to the lady of the heart. The ten districts of the city are each represented by a knight who, riding a galloping horse, will try to put on a lance of diameter rings gradually smaller. Check Availability

"Mercato delle Gaite" - Bevagna, 14/24 June: Faithful re-enactment of life daily in the Middle Ages. The people of the four Gaite of Bevagna challenge themselves in setting up artisan shops, taverns and markets typical of the time. In the cramped shops, poorly illuminated, skilled master craftsmen create exclusive objects with technologies that go back to the Middle Ages. Shows, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, together with the archery contest, cheer the already so animated evenings. Check Availability

Umbria Jazz - Perugia, 13/22 July: Born in 1973, it is now one of the most important jazz events in the world thanks to the concerts of the most famous artists modern. From the morning to the evening, in the historic center of Perugia, there are about a hundred of concerts and walking in the streets, among the ancient buildings, you can enjoy the weather of the event. Check Availability

"Palio di Valfabbrica" - Valfabbrica, end of August, early September: Historic medieval palio which sees the three districts compete in tournaments, theatrical performances and parades. Check Availability

"Eurochocolate" - Perugia, For 10 days beginning October: The chocolate festival that takes place in the palaces and in the streets of the historical center of the city with shows, events, tastings. Chocolate as you have never seen it or tasted it. Check Availability